Caitlin H (caitlin_gdb) wrote,
Caitlin H

Live From The lounge!

Here I am at the San Rafael lounge, using Jaws. God, I'm so bad at it!
It took me forever to log into LJ. Know why? Because my laptop has its grave accent key in a really weird place, and so I kept on typing (or attempting to type) my password, but my numbers were all thrown off. When I get home, I'm never going to be able to use my comptuer successfully again. Heh heh.
It's really hot today already. The heat doesn't bug me, but a lot of other peopel are feeling it. Lots of headaches and tiredness. Not good.
Lannie isn't pooing, and it's making me nervous. I really, really hope I get approved to skip camp this year. if he's still nervous here with me, imagine how he'll be in cmap. I really dont' want to screw up this relationship, you know? As much as I love Chorus, my dog is more important, honestly. I mean, Chorus is great, and I love it. But Lannie is a part of my life now. He's like my kid, and my friend. I have to take care of him, and if that means sacrificing some things, then so be it.
Anyway, we worked on Obedience in the kennels. Lannie did very well; he got a little distracted, but that's to be expected. They had just washed down the floor,s so there was water everywhere, and bubbles. It was quite ufn. At least my shoes got washed, heh. Well, not washed, since i could only feel the water on my ankles, you know. But whatever.
Then we worked in Safe Way. lannie did extreeeemely well. He only stopped to sniff at one aisle. Three guesses which one? Yep. The Dog Food aisle. Hmmm. Heh.
Anyway, I dind't buy anything, cuz I didn't wanna. And I heeled and worked him in there. He did really snazzily.
Then we came here to the lounge. Everyone else is walking ot City Hall in pairs, b ut I'm going to work with Kelly C, the Mobility instructor (not the same one from school, obviously, just the coincicdence resurfacing again_), and we're going to work on Juno. Daren said he can take me to City Hall later, so that'll be fun.
Ooh, Heathe'rs oging to read Freelance stuff, so peace out, more late.r
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