Caitlin H (caitlin_gdb) wrote,
Caitlin H

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So I've finally decided to post an audio file of Here With Me, very much against my better judgment. Although Christina and I recorded a bunch of takes of the song, none came out even remotely close to being perfect. All--and I do mean all--of them contain maniacal laughter, enraged shouting when we messed up, groaning guitars, cracking voices, chewing, gulping, gargling, giggling, etc. I could make some poor fool glean the good parts from the files and piece together a practically perfect product, but that's just tedious. So I listened to all the files and picked out the Top Three, and then counted up the Pluses (good points) and Minuses (bad points) I could find for each file, and this one won. It was one of the files we recorded toward the end of class, after four long days of practicing. This makes sense, as, by then, the song was memorized, with a strong foundation, giving us room to improvize and become involved in the lyrics. Since I am supposed to belt in three places during the song, my voice was completely shot by this time, and was pretty much shot for Grad, too, but all the fun I had creating the song was worth it. Anyway, with the forewarning that this is NOT my best singing, this is NOT my best composure, and this is NOT a professional recording, I give you Here With Me, which is on a YouSendIt link until I track down my Boss, and put it somewhere on his server.

In case you care, here is this file's Score Card.

-- Guitar messup right in the beginning

-- The word "my" in "falling on my face" goes noticeably flat

+ Intro is great, for the most part

+ Amazing Guitar

+ The phrase "gain a little more" doesn't waver

+ * Harmony is reasonably well-developed in the first chorus

-- The word "it's" in "it's all full of confusion" is offbeat and somewhat lacking in pitch and grace

+ The word "full" in the same phrase as above is good enough that it recovers the error described above faírly well

+ The first "truly here" is okay

-- The transition between the first two verses has an error

+ The "oh yeah" is acceptable

-- Lead-in to the second verse is is weak

+ Fairly good harmony in the second verse

+ "As I stand" all the way up to the word "today" sound pretty good

-- A little giggling in the beginning of the second chorus

+ Great harmonies

+ Great energy

+ Great blend in the second chorus

+ "It's all full" is fine the second time around

+ Great transition into the bridge

-- Bridge starts out weak

+ Bridge gets to be pretty good

-- "He's the eyes" got a little carried away but isn't bad

+ Singing the finale together is pretty good, but became a little carried away with the passion

-- Final chorus gets a little carried away but is okay

+ Great runs

+ Last belt works fairly well

-- A childish tone is prevalent throughout this take, partly due to lack of voice on my part

+ Ending is pretty good

-- Last yeah is bad

-- Ending has some laughter


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